65W Dual USB-C GaN Wall Charger – White

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1 Year

Key Features:

  • Dual USB output
  • PC fireproof shell + copper pin
  • Charging 0-50% in 30 minutes

Charge up your devices with this KAIZEN wall charger. With environmentally friendly fireproof material that has temperature resistance that guarantee utmost safety to you and to your devices and its fast-charging capability that will juice up your gadges much faster.

  • Power/Ports: 65W/ 2C
  • Input: 100-240V~1.7A 50/60Hz
  • USB-C1 Output: 5V3A/ 9V3/A12V3A/15V3A/20V2.25A
  • USB-C2 Output: 5V3A/ 9V3/A12V3A/15V3A/20V2.25A
  • USB-C1/USB-C2: 5.0VDC, 3.0A, 15.0W; 9.0VDC, 3.0A, 27.0W; 12.0VDC, 3.0A, 36.0W; 15.0VDC, 3.0A, 45.0W; 20.0VDC, 3.25A, 65.0W Max
  • USB-C1/USB-C2: Max 63.0W
  • Material: PC fireproof shell + copper pin

Fast charging & eco-friendly material.

This wall charger is designed to deliver fast charging to your devices while ensuring your safety. It’s made with fireproof, environmentally friendly materials that provide excellent heat resistance and prevent the risk of fire. With its efficient charging capabilities, you can quickly charge your devices without having to wait for long. Additionally, you can rest assured that your safety is guaranteed with this wall charger’s advanced safety features.

Support for fast charging is available for a broad array of devices.

Fast charging speeds are supported by this charger for a diverse selection of devices, encompassing favored Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, as well as well-liked USB-C phones and tablets manufactured by brands like Samsung.